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World of Warehouse

Unique Paradox: Light consumes over 50% of total energy costs for a Warehouse despite the fact that the occupancy levels in a warehouse shop-floor are below 50%.


LeSol’s approach to energy efficiency and productivity helps warehouses to become more agile and efficient in its operations.  LeSol Lights are equipped to offer upto 150 Lumens/Watt out of fixture as system efficacy – highest in industry! We offer our product with high rated CRI and PF close to unity thereby reducing your reactive losses.


Motion Sensors: Our motion sensors are equipped to detect even slightest of movement upto a height of 15 meters! This is enough to take care of 100% of warehouse sites across the board! With the range of upto 6 mtrs on ground, we can light up the alley even before a person enters!

Daylight Sensor: Our Sensors are equipped to offer auto-daylight sensing – meaning if there is plenty of daylight available, the light will automatically turn itself off thereby saving precious energy. 



Our range of highbay lights are equipped with dimmable drivers. When there is no movement on the shop-floor the lights will automatically dim down to pre-set levels from 0% to 50%. When it senses the movement, our intelligent light will shine to full strength offering a beautiful CRI and high lux level.

Dimming capabilities reduces energy bills and elongates the life-cycle of product in addition to reduction in potential maintenance costs.

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