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Solar roof top

LeSol's approach to Solar Roof-Top offers client with significant Energy Savings and reduced Technical and Financial risks.

  • LeSol offers end-to-end support to the client for Solar Roof-Top. This includes Design, Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning, Financing and Operations & Maintenance through the tenure of the contract.

  • By installing Solar on Roof-Top, we can help the Developer/Owner improve the yield on their investment by over 50% per year.

  • Solar Panels lower's a roof’s temperature by more than 3 degrees Celsius by providing a natural shade from extreme heats. 

  • Reduced roof temperature directly results in reduced cost of Cooling/Refrigeration.

  • Solar Roof-Top classifies for accelerated depreciation allowing business' to claim higher deduction and thus reduced tax bill

  • Self-Payment Mechanism for the investment made

  • Long Life Cycle ensures minimal maintenance and larger Return on Investments



We use MNRE approved and high quality components. Our empanelled manufacturers go through stringent Quality Norms and before on-boarding the manufacturers of Panels, Inverters and Cables, we undertake Life Cycle Analysis to identify right suppliers. This means that your commercial solar system will perform to its maximum potential for years to come.

  • Fully secured ROI backed by Financial Bank Guarantee for the investments made.

  • 25-year warranty as standard.Upgradable software as technology develops.

  • Flexible design allows modules of different power classes and brands in the same string. .

Monitoring of the de-rating of Solar Panel to ensure it is in accordance with the International Standards.
Assured maintenance and after-sales support.

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