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Road to Retailing

Lighting is the most important part of retail store. Everything shines given the right lighting. 


Good lighting can influence customers to spend more time in your store, spend more money, have a higher chance of returning to your store. As lighting experts, we help you create the right mood and ambiance with our lighting, enhancing the ambiance and appeal of the stores.


Lighting is a key part of the shop concept, guiding the customers through the store, directing them to the merchandise, and having a major impact on how the product is viewed and eventually pruchased. Illumination is key to creating a perfect balance for the customer. It is required in all areas of any retail store, but there are certain sectors that deserve extra attention. These parts include the exterior signage, merchandise area, fitting rooms, sales and transaction areas, and of course window displays.


Our range of LED Lights are tested an certified by NABL approved Labs to work at -30 Deg C. Replacing your Fluorescent lights in Cold Areas of Store will reduce the quantum of heat produce, marginally reducing the refrigeration requirement. Also, our lights on an average save over 50% compared to traditional lights. Even if you are planning a new green-field store, we can custom design solutions for you which can deliver high lumens with exciting Power Factor and beautiful CRI to highlight your merchandise. 

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