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Our Approach

Energy Efficiency and sustainability is a responsibility. We are constantly changing and adopting ourselves to ever changing technology and needs of the business. We are innovating and developing new solutions within the landscape of Energy Sector with our current commercial offering in LED Lighting, Solar Roof Top and automation in HVAC & Refrigeration.

LED Lighting: Because lighting is visible, because lighting is our backbone and because we make no bones about it! LeSol brand of LED lights are designed to offer highest Lumens/Watt/$. Our simplistic design and unique approach of customizing specific solutions helps business’ to offer lowest carbon-footprint vis-à-vis the money spent. We can help you make these products future-proof by deploying embedded sensors which can increase your ROI and reduce your footprints even further.  

Solar Roof-Top: We are an EPC player in Solar Roof Top. We work with global organizations who are majors in Solar Panels, Inverters, Wires and Cables right down to nuts and bolts. We offer our expertise  in design, build, commission of Solar Roof Top for Business. LeSol offers guaranteed Energy Production and a fully secured ROI backed by Financial Bank Guarantee!

HVAC & Refrigeration: We have an expert team who can undertake audit of your HVAC and Refrigeration plant and help you understand these dynamic load and leakages in energy consumption. Our experts will deploy effective solutions and stop the leakages thereby saving tons of money and tons of carbon emission for your organization!

We stand by minimalism in our project implementation. It’s a 4-step process from the first time you contact us, to installing the lights and maintenance. This is how it works






Once you have shown interest, our team would perform an energy audit to assess the potential of savings


Based on the devices to be replaced & the potential of savings, the team would offer a customised proposal.


Once our proposal is accepted, our team will require a maximum of 48 hours to process the order and start installation


We can offer flexible payment schedule and maintain spares at site for future maintenance. 

We promise to be there for you throughout the life of the product. Our revolutionary approach to energy efficiency is meant for higher user-comfort. We are committed to bring down the risk factor for you, so you are free to relax. In case of any glitches, our maintenance team will only be a phone call away. We assure you that you don’t have to pay for non-working products, starting now. Let us worry about the technical and financial aspects, while you power your world!

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