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Intuitive Office

An employee spends large part of day at office. Office Lighting is crucial to maintaining essential safety standards and promote employee performance. We make office lighting intuitive. 


LeSol offers ergonomically designed LED lights for your works space. The contemporary lights offer effective lighting based on factors such as the architecture of the workplace, to scale of usage, and areas to be illuminated. We offer customized lighting designs and offer lighting solutions to cater to different areas, including but not limited to workstations, reception or conference rooms. Additionally, we ensure, these lights offer energy efficiency, thereby reducing the electricity bill.


Our designs are tailored to meet varied office structures. Whether you follow the new work culture that needs dynamic lighting or want modular lighting for traditionally designed office, we offer a cohesive solution that delivers illumination and aesthetics. Our range of commercial lighting is designed with a human-centric approach, creating an atmosphere that enhances employee concentration, boosts receptivity, and improves overall productivity.


We make office intuitive by adding layer of intelligence and sensors to lights. When your Cabin or Desk is not occupied, or day light is available through your glass facade, our lights will dim down to soothing levels without compromising your Safety and Security Factor. This increases efficiency and lowers your energy bills without interfering with your loads or usage patterns. This intuitiveness makes LeSol lights a go to option. 

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