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Smart Factory

Industries consistently make efforts to optimise their operational costs and reduce the carbon-footprint. LeSol's approach to energy efficiency combined with industry specific knowledge solutions help revolutionise the efforts.


Lighting plays a vital role in the productivity of employees. We are the enablers who offer right design and right light which can offer significant energy savings and improve the lighting levels on shop-floor thus uplifiting the mood of employees and creating right mental balance needed for the precision process' involved in manufacturing. 


Our products are designed for industry specific requirement. Our team undertakes indepth study to ensure that our products are crafted with utmost precision to satisfy the needs of the industry. Thus, we know that a textile industry which works 24x7 needs a product which can sustain such gruelling schedule and at the same time can sustain the vibrations from looms. Similarly, our products designed for chemical industry are CMRI certified and can work in hazardous environment and is flame-proof. Our products come equipped with best in class components to sustain the pressure of working in such varied integrals.


Our lights come equipped with smart sensors which is designed to offer perfect lux level. Depending upon the ambient day-light available, the light adjusts its intensity and offers uniform and requisite lux level at the shop-floor. Our range of lights are future-proof and can offer significant savings on your energy bills and meet your sustainability goals. 

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