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What do we do?

We bring energy efficient solutions right to your doorstep. We have bouquet of solutions which are designed to drive energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. At this moment, we are catering to Lighting, Solar Roof-Top and HVAC Optimisation solution. 

How do we work?

We bring the products to your location and our team of certified engineers will install them at your ease and comfort. We provide solutions as services and maintain the installations for the contract period

Where do we source our products from?

We have empanelled manufacturers who are well renowned in the market. They develop the designs and manufacture products based on our proprietary technology and ensure highest standard of engineering.

Do you cover my installation costs?

Yes, our trained engineers install the products at our costs provided you are buying our products along-with services under a contractual term. 

How do we calculate savings?

We have technical experts who are classified energy auditors. They are equipped with tools and technologies to measure potential savings from your facility. You may read here for more details. 


What if my product fails during the contract period?

We maintain additional and sufficient spares on-site at your premises to offer on-demand services. We undertake to replace any failures in the products immediately. 

What if my product fails post contract period?

All products have certain life and warranties it carries. Post the contract period, if you may wish, you can renew the Annual Maintenance Contract at a fraction of the cost.

Are our technicians certified to carry out the work?

Yes, all of them are experienced technicians and we only rope in the best talent.

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