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COB Spots

COB Spot Fixed .png

LeSol Primus COB Spot Light

Ideal for accent lighting, Spot Lights with Chips on Board (COB) LED is recessed lighting at its best. Providing a focused spot of light, the ceiling light meets varied architectural lighting needs. Available in Square & Round, the products offers exquisite lighting. 


  • Residence

  • Office

  • Hotels​​

  • Retail

Features & Benefits

  • Beam angles of 8/24/36/60 degrees. 

  • Long lasting LED Light Source

  • High quality, energy efficient luminaire

  • 3000K, 4500K, and 6500K color temperatures

  • CRI of greater than 90

  • Additional CCTs available as special orders

  • Round and Square and Concealed and Surface Mounted Options available. 

  • Dimmable options available

Technical Specification

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